About Smullen Stables

About Smullen Stables

Consisting of 235 acres of picturesque fields, streams and meadows Smullen Stables is located on the scenic highway of Route 20, within the town of Carlisle in Schoharie County .

The Smullen Farm has been in our family for hundreds of years. In the 1800's the farm was run by Terri's grandparents, the Races. Then in 1932, it was taken over by Jim's parents, the Smullens.  It has since been passed on to us and we're grateful to be carrying on the tradition. Along with our children Kate and Ed, we have worked very hard to make Smullen Stables the area's finest boarding and equine retirement facility. Today, just as it has always been, our farm is run with tremendous care and pride. 

We make it our mission to provide each horse that enters through our barn doors the happy, healthy, stress-free environment it deserves.

Horses have always been a  part of our lives and caring for them is truly our passion.  We look forward to making Smullen Stables home for your horse.


Terri and Jim Smullen