Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons

Terri attended SUNY Cobleskill to advance her skills in the equine industry. For the horse novice, Terri’s lesson plans include introduction to a horse, promoting safety, horse care and beginner Western and English riding on our school horse.

The lesson program is geared toward beginners.  We teach english and western riding with an emphasis on learning to ride while having fun.  You will earn to communicate clearly and effectively with your horse.  All students learn at their own pace.

Lessons are filled with different exercises and games that will help you achieve the right position and learn communication and cues while remaining safe and having fun.  If you don't have your own horse we will provide the horses and tack.

You will learn about...

·        Handling, Grooming and Tacking up your horse

·        The importance of warming up, and cooling down

·        Halting, Walking, Trotting/Jogging (Posting and sitting),

·        Correct turns, circles, serpentines and other ring figures


Please come dressed appropriately

·        ASTM approved hard hat with chin harness (can be provided, but your own is best)

·        Comfortable fitting jeans or slacks

·        Sturdy shoes or boots with heels

·        Riding boots and breeches are optional but great if you have them

·        Please dress appropriately for the weather

Payment Options

Option 1:    For First Time Lesson and/or Pay Per Lesson Plan

1 Hour Private - $50.00

1/2 Hour Private - $25.00 (not available for first time lesson)

1 Hour Group ( 2 - 4 Max.) $30.00 /per person

1 Hour – 2 Person Family - $50.00   (Siblings and/or parent/child)


Option 2:     Pay the first lesson of the month for the entire month 

*Once a week attendance is required for this plan

1 Hour Private - $30.00

1/2 Hour Private - $20.00

1 Hour Group ( 2 - 4 Max.) - $20.00/ per person     

1 Hour – 2 Person Family -  $30.00 (Siblings and/or parent/child)